TradeMark Nitrogen believes that the safety of each employee is a fundamental responsibility. Therefore, safety must be thoroughly integrated with our effort to produce high quality agricultural and industrial products. Employees must be willing to accept personal, as well as collective safety responsibilities in order to achieve our objective of an “accident free work environment”. Therefore, as a matter of policy:

The Management Team will...

  • Promote safety on and off the job;
  • Implement progressive accident prevention programs, systems and techniques;
  • Provide a work environment in which identified occupational hazards are controlled when elimination is not feasible;
  • Work with government and labor to optimize employee safety;
  • Be responsible and accountable for a superior level of safety performance;
  • Institute work practices which reflect the safest, most efficient methods available for accomplishing the required task;
  • Preferentially utilize feasible engineering methods for controlling workplace hazards;
  • Educate and train employees regarding on and off the job hazards.

Our Employees will...

  • Be expected to perform their job in the safest manner prescribed;
  • Be expected to conduct themselves in a way that enhances their personal safety and that of their fellow workers;
  • Be encouraged to report workplace hazards and to make suggestions for their control;
  • Be expected to cooperate and contribute toward the overall success of the safety program.

The success of the Company depends on the safety and well-being of employees and their families. Therefore, it is imperative that workplace hazards be identified, appropriately evaluated and effectively controlled in order to prevent accidents and their consequences. This worthwhile objective can be achieved with the commitment and complete support of every employee at TradeMark Nitrogen Corp.

Trademark Nitrogen Team
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